Saturday, October 1, 2011


Love is an affection that delights every heart, defines every relation. Whether it is from mother or teacher or neighbour, in home or school or society, love brings life. So love is what we need, love is what we should give.

I read text books by compulsion, Tin Tin by option, but religious books, not enough to mention. I am ignorant of scriptures, religion of rituals. To me religion is the expression of one’s inner qualities, which people say God gifted built in.Apart from human beings, there are many many things. Do they have religion, are they religious?

Religion of water is to quench the thirst of the thirsty, religion of air is to blow the cool breeze in a hot summer, religion of flower is to sweeten the world with beauty and fragrance, so on and so forth. These creations are doing their God-assigned duties: they are true to their inner qualities, they justify their creation, and they are true to their religion.

A child lands in this world with a small body but with a smart head and a sensitive heart. With time head grows and heart expands. Growth of head is intelligence and expansion of heart of love. They are the inner strength of human being. Swami Vivekananda said, “Religion is the manifestation of divinity already in man”. Our divinity is in our soul; our religion is expression of our soul, expression of our God-gifted intelligence and love. A head with intelligence and a heart with love is nothing but humanity, religion of human being.

Love in action is Seva. Every act of Seva is a flower in the feet of the God. When my action is live, my submission is love---I am true to my creator, I am true to God. Thomas Hardly has rightly said, “Main object of religion is not to get a man into heaven but to get heaven into him.” So love meets this objective of religion, it is the core of religion.

Hate is antonym of love, both cannot co-exist. Love generates compassion; hate creates conflicts and initiates revenge. When the tooth hurts the tongue, we do not seek revenge because both are part of our own body. Similarly how can one hate and take revenge on fellow human being because both are a part of the same humanity, children of the same God. Children of the same God cannot have different religion, everywhere it is Love, only the expressions are different, forum and formats are different, path and languages are different. Religion without love is man-made, not god blessed.

All religion is based on love. Hate has no place in religion. Head and heart define humanity. Humanity is our identity, humanity is at the core of our religion and love is the expression of all religion. Love to all and hate to none is our fundamental religion.

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