Thursday, October 6, 2011

Women, Voluptuousness and Wisdom

“Kiss my fat ass!” was the famous response of supermodel Tyra Banks when she was ridiculed of having cellulite by American tabloids after putting on a few pounds. She spoke on behalf of girls in school and women who were put down at work and by their husbands. She almost got teary eyed during her advice for them to have a strong support system of people around you who loved you no matter how fat or thin you looked.

A woman body goes through various stages and changes during her lifetime. It starts when she hits puberty. It is an absolute horror for most of them as they have to deal with breast development, hair growth, increasing size of hips and to top it all, skin problems. With hormones raging when you’ve just entered your teens interaction with the opposite sex also plays a huge role in personality development. No girl manages to ease through this stage and so it is considered the most awkward, confusing and conscious years of growing up.

During this time, a girl transforms into a woman and gradually stars growing comfortable in her skin. Mothers should always be there to guide them through their first stint at a lingerie shop and explain why these changes are occurring at the first place to clear all doubts.

In the early days of color Bollywood, female leads were meant to have some flesh on bones. If you manage to distract yourself from their pointy bosoms, it was a trend for them to have hips that were tightly fitted in bright salwaar-kameez. All I’m trying to say is that women in all sizes and shapes are beautiful, it depends on them and how they can embraces and enhances that form of beauty.

 Men are known to be attracted to huge hips as it is a sign of being capable of produce babies, full breast indicate a motherly nature and luscious hair and pink nails symbolize good health.  So I guess it all boils down to reproducing. But in today’s day and age a woman juggles several roles, that of a working woman and a house-maker. She always tends to put herself last which should not always be the case.

Then there are those who are bulimic, anorexic and over-exercise to get that perfect look. Good looks are not solely depending on your weight on the scale, it is about having an overall personality. It is important to have a sense of confidence and if you feel that your body is lagging you behind to achieve it, work on it girlfriend! The results are rewarding.

Once you have shed those kilos, it is also important for you to maintain it as you tend to put on soon after if you become careless and inactive. It should not be a constant battle but a part of your lifestyle to eat in moderation and exercise regularly.

Over the years, people have watch Oprah Winfrey fluctuating in her body size. However, nothing has stopped the charismatic women to inspire people to follow a healthy regime and made them feel confident of their looks with extreme makeovers.

Menopause is another stage where a lady realizes the beauty or rather prangs of being a female. Jane Fonda, a 73-year-old actress and fitness guru underwent plastic surgery to eradicate wrinkles on her neck and face because she didn’t feel as old as she looked. There is no harm in that as long as you don’t go overboard and look like an aging Barbie doll.

Walk, take the stairs, attend a dance class or better still perform power yoga where regular stretching causes the body to tone. When it comes to diet, avoid fried, oil, flour and sugar. Eating in small portions but regularly keeps you fit and you’re good to go. Lastly, don’t hide in black-colored clothes. Shop, see what suits you and give your wardrobe life with accessories and color.

The media airbrushes, tucks, glows and glorifies celebrities in magazine. Be the smart one to realize that it’s fake and a real body is even more beautiful with all its imperfections. 

Palak Singh

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