Thursday, October 6, 2011

But you gotta have faith!

The Leicester University in England ranks Denmark the happiest country of the world. Their lifestyle consists of minimum use of consumer products, clutter-free houses, reaching home early to spend time with family and taxes on the basis of the amount you earn (up to 50%-60%) which bridges the gap between rich and poor, so everyone is treated equally. What struck me the hardest was that, majority of people do not believe in religion.  So could it be that you could stay happy, satisfied and loved irrespective if you follow religion or not?

The topic of religion is mostly kept under wraps because it is considered sacred and followed strictly by huge masses. For anyone to nudge around with it may prove be dangerous. So it is not discussed a lot.

People devote their entire life in search of God. Does the great almighty exist?  Some say yes. During times of difficulties, he shows up now and then in one form or another. There is probably a magical force that gives you hope during tough times, also known as faith.

I read a book called The Secret a couple years back and it changed my entire prospective on God. It states that what is known as God is actually a huge ball of energy which soaks up all our aspirations and hopes (in the form of prayers) and radiates back the vibration in the form of action. Hence you are very capable of achieving anything if you ask or better still visualize and direct it to the universe.

Religion is different from spirituality. Spirituality is becoming self-aware, satisfied and completely in tune with oneself devoid of any worldly pleasures that surround you. Attaining nirvana and escaping the vicious cycle of life and death is the ultimate goal. This can be done through self-tolerance and meditation. Then again, it is yet to be proved. People usually confuse the two. If you take a dip in a holy water body, you will eradicate all you sins, even from your past life. Who came up with that? I guess it is the question of believing in something.

People follow textual dialects that were written ages ago. Some follow it blindly; a few give their own twist while the rest brush it aside terming it as a myth. It is fascinating the amount it effects our vision when we close our eyes in search of God. Many theories are created of how God looks like. Idols with beautiful and intricate designs, human-like figures or just a vague sense of a huge body that we are supposed to worship.

People fast for days, inflict their body with pain and torture and sacrifice humans and animals all the in the name of religion. Major conflicts and separation between people have also taken place because of the division of religious beliefs.

Religion is different from culture. Generations must preserve and pass on their ethics, tradition and ideology but merging them with religious rituals causes confusion. Change is constant and affects everything. Don’t always try and make things go your way. Let nature run its course. Life is all about being happy. Embrace it rather than spread negativity.

Religion gives you a sense of belonging and teaches you discipline. But what’s more important is balance, which shows up eventually. Everything happens for a reason. Even if you pray for a million years for something not to happen, it will if it has to. Instead one should focus on the positives and be a good human being overall.

You cannot be term person a “bad” if he/she does not follow religion. Not to consume more than our capacity, spread positivity through love and joy, be generous to the needy, inspire youngsters, respect elders, give back to the society and preserve Mother Nature and your good to go. Parents enlightening children to live a healthy, happy and helpful life is sufficient. 

Palak Singh

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