Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Idea of India

We all know that India is a big country- no need to repeat all those things. We have the strength of becoming No 1 in world economy but that's not my idea of India. That's only a byproduct of my idea.
In my ideal India I would like to see everyone spiritually enlightened. Good souls. That will make India beautiful. Then it would be inclusive growth. People making money will think of have nots. Wealth will not be in the hands of few. Enough jobs for all. No discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender or wealth. All will think of giving instead of snatching from others. No corruption. Rule of nature and law. Everyone will behave themselves and won't try to do anything which for atleast once is not Godly.

Currently the wealth of India is held by less than 20% of the people and in the future also it will remain the same if we continue on the same path. The gap between the haves and have-nots will remain as wide, if not more, as it is now. Look at nature and learn from it. Go back to our old traditional ways of spiritualistic living. Go back to Satyuga, when all 33 Crore people on Earth behaved like Gods and that’s why in Hindu religion we refer to 33 Crore Gods and Godesses! Why can’t it be achieved once more?
How will this happen in modern context? We need to take small steps gradually. Do right things instead of focussing on doing things right. Education should be given highest importance. Quality education. Compulsory for all. Followed by health guarantee for all by the government. Then comes social security. Once the basics are taken care of then will come nation building. Let each youngster be in the defence services for at least two years and then in rural areas for service for two years. At home and at religious places all should be given Sanskar of becoming good human beings. All should be allowed to live their lives. Philanthropy will be part of life. Once all are spiritually enlightened they won't do anything wrong as they can diffrentiate between 'Me' and 'Mine.' All will focus to develop Me rather than Mine. The soul Me. Not the materialistic Mine which will remain and exploited by others when Me is gone from the world.

Once we reach that stage there will be no looking back. We will have India of our dreams. The number one country leading all souls to God!

Anubhuti Matta

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