Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LIVE-EVIL,The Bigger Picture?

Just like GOD spells DOG,LIVE spells EVIL backwards.A big coincidence?
This idea began to manifest its way into my head recently.Why do LIVE and EVIL spell each other?Is it not just coincidence?
Good and Evil exist in the world today,in order for both to exist a balance is necessary.Whenever the balance falters there is the ever mentioned combat of good versus evil and like we've been told Good always defeats Evil.It is like the 'yin and yang',a union of two powerful forces.
The universe requires a certain amount of balance to function and anything in excess is bad.
If there is a connection,what is it?
When do you feel truly completely alive?
It might sound disturbing to say but the truth is a I feel the most alive when I'm in pain,emotional or physical and that is probably true for most of us.Ever heard the "pinch me,so I know I'm awake" phrase. Never thought beyond the surface of that statement now did you?
Happiness is an endorphin.'True' happiness is hard to find in today's world.So happiness continues to be fleeting.Pain lasts an eternity.Pain reminds you that your human.It brings you back to cold hard reality,making you "feel".
Pain stings in places you didn't know you had.It reaches deep dark corners that you never knew you had.Pain can make you weak or it can make you strong. Weakness may make you resort to doing things that you or the world may perceive as wrong.Pain may cause mental trauma "troubled mind",where you may resort to what you know i.e paedophilia,rape etc or even like Hitler you might end up hating a race and end up with the Holocaust.
Everyone perceives Evil differently.What i might see as Evil you might perceive differently.Again taking Hitler as an example,he believed what he was doing was for the "greater good".Evil on its own is a strong word,Not that i agree with his idealogies at all.
What I find funny is how EVIL gives one a feeling of "darkness","emptiness","loneliness" etc... and LIVE causes a feeling of "liberation","freedom","energy"etc...
But how does one Live if they cannot "feel"?
And how do you really feel if you cant feel pain?
A friend once said to me in response to these questions- "It's like a blueberry cheesecake,it's all about the blueberry but it's still a cheesecake"
The sum of all parts.
Come to think of it the whole picture is bigger than its parts.
In the end it's all about perception.To each his own.
Who decides what EVIL is?
Who decides what it is to LIVE?
We are all different.our minds are different.The power of each mind differs.The collective power is more powerful than a single one that stands out,the "Blueberry".
Our perceptions change through time and experience.Our minds are altered with everything we do every step of the way.
Its all about you and all about us.
The bigger picture.

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