Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why do we write and read?

(All ideas are completely personal. No offence to anybody)

The earliest of the civilizations have traces of writing. Even if their scripts are not deciphered there are proofs that scripts existed. It was an important medium of communication and understanding society better.

But the very early traditions of passing knowledge verbally are equally significant and there are societies that still strongly believe in it. And I think it was a better way of communication.

Writing made people lazy and take things for granted but passing knowledge verbally was also not the best option. As generations passed, knowledge got filtered by people’s individual thoughts and opinions.

When people participated in verbal communication the communicator knew his/her audience. Today with writing and especially the advent of social media we don’t even know for whom we are writing and who are the readers.

Why do people want to write more and more day by day? (What so ever it may be)

Is it because there aren’t too many people to hear him/ her out and he wants to spread his/her word so that it reaches a larger audience with less amount of efforts?

The romance of listening to our grandparents telling us stories is diminishing day by day.

Social media in increasing and our social communication skills decreasing as each day passes.

What is this whole curiosity about wanting to know more about things? Yes we need to ask questions. Why was their no water in the tap this morning. Is it because of some cleaning going on or has the pipe burst or just some lunatic turned off the main switch of the motor. But we want to know everything happening around the world. But why? What difference does it make to me if Steve Jobs is alive or dead?

By now you must have understood that I am neither a fond reader nor a fond writer.

But whenever I pick up something to read I ask myself. Why am I reading this? What am I going to get if I read this? Do I really want to read this and know about it or is it just to propagate some discussion with fellow friends to show I am better informed?

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