Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kafka,the cockroach and YOU!

From Birth to Death we fight.We are poisoned,thrown around,attacked,ignored and that's not just all,but we still pop back up, and go back to working like nothing ever hit us.
So why do we work like this?Why do we lose our individuality chasing money?Why do we end up at the bottom of the chain stuck succumbing to everything that comes our way?
I'll tell you why. It's because love is not all we need anymore,money is.If your not chasing fame then you're either chasing money or that dream of the "better life".That is success isn't it?
we live like cockroaches,mindlessly scurrying through life,scrounging through the dirt.They call us resilient.Aren't we then? We are constantly pushed down and stepped on,and we continue to get back up,you might call that survival.I call it mechanical.
Cockroaches are stepped on, sprayed,chased away etc... they still come back.They fight death for a week after a chopped off head,trying to live somehow.They keep evolving,becoming immune to the same things that try to kill them.
They have lived since the dinosaurs,nothing phased them.They still set themselves to work everyday.No breaks,just a mission.
They seem immortal.We seem immortal.
We possess a beautiful instrument that no other living creature on this planet possesses,our human body and what do we do to it?We disrespect it and disregard its importance.So we work till we're sore,we compromise on nourishment,on sleep, we even compromise on the basics like "taking a piss".All because we have been taught that work is more important than ourselves and along with all of this comes the exhausted mind working less efficiently than it already did.
So Franz Kafka was right in his book metamorphosis when turning a man into a cockroach in order to realise the importance of the things that he was losing,to realise the importance of life.
We are the cockroach race and with a belief that this is all life is about.

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