Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ANNA HAZARE-"Hats off to you man!"

You have successfully managed to stuff your name and face down my throat.Although you are not completely to blame.
Your Voice is etched in my mind,so much so that i recall your wrinkles,the size of your nose,your beady eyes,even more than my own parents.
The media befriended you and together you very successfully brainwashed young minds that were probably on the right path,the path to caring about the earth that we're living on and the people we're living with.
This generation is trying to clean up the mess that yours made in its prime. You should have spoken up then.
You took all that growing passion and exhausted it. All for what?Money?Power?
Power is supposed to be collective. It's supposed to be all about us,living beings. You put us together and then turn us against each other and call it unity?
In my opinion dear sir and dear,that is majority.
Where are you now sir? Are you still living that same life?
What happened to home?
Oh right,you are famous, a celebrity,and hence now you are untouchable.
Then question I want to ask is what a 74 year old man knows about how the earth is turning right now?In order to make a change you need to be the change,not throw a tantrum,yes that is what it was,a tantrum and command attention and teach everyone that along with the manipulative news media,you can get anything you want.
Somehow right now they as in the media have sensationalized you as person so much so,that you and Lady Gaga seem to fit the same pedestal in my head.The "fame monster", a "puppet" starting a new trend i.e fasting in a starving nation is cool, it shows you are an active citizen who cares and things like this will result in the collapse of this nation and this generation.
Thank you dear "knowledgeable","intellectual" adults. Now we have to spend the rest of our lives undoing the damage you have caused like there wasn't enough to clean up already.
You're doing TV shows like Sa Re Ga Ma, flying to America and all that to educate more young minds with more garb that we already take in on a daily basis.
I wont be surprised if you end up on a stage with Sharukh Khan dancing to Chamak Chalo.
So Mr Hazare and the news media-
a.You are not my "anna"(brother).technically you would be "thatha"(grandfather).
b.You are no Gandhi,fasting for twelve days.You really not freeing us of anything.
c.There are people starving around the country,children and you are fasting at 74? and to top it off people are worried about your health?That you lost 7 kg?
What about those young kids sleeping on the street with no food?
Are we not a progressing country?Are we not supposed to be ahead of the times instead of regressing?
So why are you fasting and using consumerism as bait?
And why are you not slumming it?

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