Monday, October 3, 2011

Gujarat Crusader IPS Sanjiv Bhatt’s lone battle for justice against Narendra Modi

World War II might have seen the end of Adolf Hitler and others like Mussolini but history is witness to many such Hitlers before and after. Mr Narendra Modi, the beloved Chief Minister of Gujarat, a prosperous western state of India , is no anomaly. He continues that tradition. In letter and spirit. His ideology includes that he is the savior of Hindus and God, has specially selected him to rule the state. Whatever he is doing is for the welfare of the people, he can do no wrong and all challengers to his leadership or personality have to be eliminated either politically, legally or, if need be, physically.

Under the same mentality he masterminded the state sponsored genocide of 2002 where thousands of people from minority community in the state were eliminated in a matter of few days. This step went down well with the majority of the people who were fed on daily dose of sangh parivar ideology of hating people from minority community as they are responsible for all evils affecting India! He immediately called for an election and won it handsomely, especially in those areas which were riot affected and voters got polarized on the basis of community. He and his bosses in Delhi (they were ruling at the centre too) took it as tacit approval of whatever they had done. If people are with them then God must have approved it. So, Mr Modi went on to do the second act of Hitlernama. He ensured that no Constitutional Intuition in the state acts on its own and go against him or his people involved in riots. Police stations refused to file FIRs of riot victims, if filed, then under inconsequent IPC acts; prosecutors and judiciary were controlled. In short, he ensured no justice as it would be against will of the God. Under mysterious circumstances, his main rival of those days, his ex Home Minister Mr Haren Pandya got killed. Even that probe is happening in dark tunnels despite his father and wife pointing repeatedly towards Mr Modi. He masterminded many fake encounters with the story each time that the terrorists had come from Pakistan to kill him and people lapped it up too. He decimated all opposition in the party by sidelining all top BJP leaders of the state. He won the second state election of 2007 with even greater majority, this time on the planks of development. He has convinced his people that Gujarat is progressing because of him. The PR has been done so overwhelmingly, day in and day out, that everyone has started believing this, again a Hitler trait. Gujarat was always progressive and will remain one. He is our Goliath.

Come to the David. IPS Sanjiv Bhatt stands out as one of the few lone crusaders who are still fighting the battle of Gujarat with their backs against the wall. He has seen the genocide of 2002 with his own eyes and how complicit was the police and under whose orders! All his colleagues of that time (leave aside Ex DGP R B Sreekumar and contemporaries DIG Rajnish Rai and DIG Rahul Sharma) bowed down to dictats of Mr Modi and yielded. They gave him what he wanted and in turn got rewarded for their services. Thousands of people got killed in 2002, leave aside one inspector, not a single senior police officer has faced any music for those killings. Maximum killings took place in the city of Ahmedabad. The then Police Commissioner Mr P C Pande continued in his post despite the count of dead bodies kept rising on daily basis. For last ten years he kept getting promotions and retired last year as the DGP of the state! Now he is working for a friend of Mr Modi, Gautam Adani. A page from the books of Adolf Hitler!

And what is happening to these four? All of them facing the music of the state. Cases against them, suspensions, dismissals, supression, adverse confidentiality reports and now the arrest of Mr Sanjiv Bhatt! The one point agenda is that you speak against Mr Modi and the entire state machinery will be let loose on you! This is happening in the state of Gandhi and Patel. No surprises, as Mr Modi loves to call himself as Chhote Sardar (younger Sardar Patel). Either you obey today’s Hitler or you are Anti National and Anti Hindu. You are conspiring against the most progressive state and the beloved leader. So, your natural place is behind bars or with God!

In this case what has he done? Modi’s cahoots have got one poor constable to go against Sanjiv Bhatt and made him file a case against him (what can a poor constable do against mighty state machinery). Now they have invoked all draconian acts against him under IPC as if he has waged a war against the state – a non bailable offence and that too on a Friday evening when courts were to go on a week long vacation… Compare this against the cases of riot victims where the police were refusing to invoke even 302 of IPC to save the killers! Everyone in the country knows that unless you take case out of Gujarat you won’t get justice. Supreme Court had to intervene a number of times to do this.

Does India in 2011 deserve this? Anna Hazare is leading a campaign against corruption and wants a Lokpal bill to take care of that. But what will happen to Lokpal if he happens to be someone like Sanjiv Bhatt? He will be swallowed by the system. So, Mr Anna Hazare and all supporters of Anna Hazare, please wake up, see what this Hitler is doing to our current Lokpal and save him. It will be too little and too late if we don’t act now. The Hitler and his cronies have taken upon themselves to clean the system by removing all voices of protest.

On a positive note, we know what happened to Goliath and Hitler. It will be no exception here in case of Mr Narendra Modi. He will face consequences of all his actions here only and like Hitler he will find himself as a normal mortal and it will be too late for him then. Let’s all salute Sanjiv Bhatt and ilk of his kind for reminding us that we can still call ourselves from the land of Gandhi and Non Violence. Long Live India, the Truth and the Non Violence.

Anubhuti Matta

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