Thursday, October 6, 2011


Watch world you idolized the stars now their children are the next big thing.
what is with Hollywood's fascination of star kids?it has nothing to do with their personality,all it has to do is with the popularity of their star parents and the clothes they wear when stepping out into the big bad world.Its enough that most of their childhood is taken from them but put them in the spotlight and criticize them for their "bad fashion sense" is just unethical.How is a child supposed to find their true path of individuality if they cant even experiment with the clothes on their backs without worrying about the whole world turning around and laughing at them?Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's star daughter,is by the Hollywood obsessed media considered to be the "best dressed baby".Clad in uncomfortable looking high profile designer dresses colour co-ordinated to match her shoes with a matching animal printed purses Suri Cruise is a style icon standing barely 3 feet tall.What's better the media commended this little icon for her stylish use of Chanel's latest red lipstick and her painted nails.
What happened to bruised knees? What happened to dirty faces and worn out pants?
What happened to Childhood?
Slowly letting a child be a child is no longer a top priority.Right from when they breathe their first breath the world is waiting to force the child into adulthood,eliminating the slightest possibility of a childhood.
What's even better? These "lucky" media popular kids aren't the only ones deprived of being a child,these children merely stand as icons and role models for their age group of children and parents with kids of the same age promoting these disturbing ideas of perfection in children.
What these kids do is child labour in a way,they work not just to place themselves in the media empire but to also hold-up the legacy of their parents names protecting from the ultimate crumble in their PR if they were shown in the "bad parent" light.
Are you still jealous that you didn't get to live the good life with the fast cars and the private planes and the castle like playrooms and the designer clothes?
Would you trade your childhood for one like theirs anymore?
What is even better is the way the media then turns around and trashes these kids that they saw grow up under their noses, the moment they make normal teenage mistakes or go down a long dark path a.k.a Linday Lohan. Can you blame these kids for all their "messed up" actions? they had no childhood to develop and learn from,they only do what they know and that is follow in the footsteps of the adults they grew up around.
Am I lucky I lived a media free life,because the pressures of coping with what the world wants you to be at five is pressure really not worth experiencing,especially when ten years down the line I'll have no choice as reality begins to sink and I begin to forget the magic hiding in the trees.

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