Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spiritualism and Work

Recently I came across a new designation – CBO; Chief Belief Officer in the corporate world. I was inquisitive to find out what he does. The answer lies in questions which are affecting the entire corporate world of today. The more rules they make, more is the attrition rate and more dissatisfied is today’s employee. Our grandfathers and even fathers used to enter a job and then peacefully retire from there without pensions of High BP or gratuity of heart problems! Now we jump jobs and are affected by all kind of lifestyle diseases! What’s wrong? Bad parenting is the single biggest cause for this. They make us go to the so called good schools, colleges and then expect the sky from us. The values are hardly inculcated. Everyone has to be successful. The parameters are designation, CTC, perks etc. Everyone wants to buy a house and car even before his first salary comes home. Loan and marriage happens on the basis of this highly paid job. The spouse too has to be then equally or more qualified and gainfully employed to match the standards of materialistic worlds. Everything is a rat race. They don’t realize that even after winning the race they remain a rat! At work, since you are paid so high, the expectations from the bosses is also correspondingly high. The race to become first amongst equals is fierce. Mostly all fall flat as no child can be made to born before nine months! Our generation tries… Be in the shoes of one who has been fired recently for under or no performance and he has EMIs to pay! He will have High BP and blocked arteries besides acidity as normal consequences. Suicides and divorces are the order of the day. Solution – go slow. No need to run. Look at nature. For thousands of years it has the same pace. Day and night, summers, winters, rains – did you notice any change with age or technology? Then why are we changing so much. Have peace within, respect others, let the result come the normal way in work and don’t set unrealistic targets to fetch heavy bonuses for recently recruited MBAs of foreign universities with no background to Indian sensibilities and markets. We all know what led to the economic recession of 2008 and now again in 2011. It’s only the greed of few individuals who are taking the world down. Carry spiritualism to work.
Read a lot on your subject, work with utmost sincerity, be ethical and show your potential in work outputs for future compensations rather than degree or history. Be compassionate to fellow colleagues. Look at nature and don’t be neutral. Take stands and sides. That is what expected of you. Be biased; to all those who are good; don’t be equal. It’s not desired of you from God. Don’t run after rules. They have been made mostly by smart bosses to save their own skin when in front of firing squad. Make your own rules, value based and follow them. Listen to your heart. Live a life, it won’t come again. Love your people and give them the time they deserve. Once you are on the firm ground, nothing can go wrong in your life. Finally, remove two fears from your life; first, the fear of losing a job and second, the fear of losing your life. Once you overcome these two fears you will start living life and then no one else, but you will control your life and happiness. It will be the state of mind where you will decide to remain happy and spread happiness. That is what I mean by carrying spiritualism to work.

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