Tuesday, October 4, 2011

India marches on...

India has come a long way from the underdeveloped country to a country which is now looked upon as an economic superpower in the making. The country is surging ahead on all fronts like never before.

In 1947 India was known abroad for its poverty, snake charmers, pundits and fakirs but today India has come a long way, the country has embarked upon an ambitious plan in no. of fields like agriculture, industrial development, rural development, corporate world, IT sector and education with the result that India has become no. 2 hub in outsourcing next to China. India has also worked to control its population growth. In the 1950s we were not growing in a food to feed 400 million people and were looking desperately for aid, especially from US. Today we are a good surplus state and can also export to other countries. In the realm of milk production, India is one of the largest milk producing country at over 78 MT a year ensuring the livelihood of almost 11 million farmers in 96000 villages across the country. India has seen a tremendous growth in real estate development, multimedia, infrastructure development and information technology. Inspite of our lagging behind, in last ten years, we are almost second to the best.

During the same last ten years, we have been the biggest victim of naxalite and terrorism due to which state such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, South of Bihar, portion of UP, Gadchiroli in Maharashtra and Orissa limping behind in shamble.

Over the past few years there have been series of attacks, including explosions in local train in July 2006 or the unprecedented attack of 26th November, 2008. Terrorism in India has become an unending war, since it’s Independence India has been facing the problems of extremists attack in different parts of the country.

Corruption is the root cause of India’s backwardness. The evils that we see in India today are caused by corrupt leadership that place their interests over the interests of the nation. High level of corruption and scams are now threatening to derail the country’s credibility as well as the economic boom.

The increase in farmer suicide is also one of the main cause, India is away from being the superpower. For hundreds of millions of the poor, the brave new world of the 90’s meant globalisation of prices, Indianisation of incomes, as we moved to boost our welfare stare for wealthy, India turned their back on poor. Thousands of poor took their lives as invested in agriculture collapsed.

The challenge now is to re-connect with the people, to choose their priorities and have proper management then, within the next quarter century, India will be counted among the first three nations of the world and once we reach that stage there will be no looking back, every individual will proudly say “Mera Bharat Mahan”.


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