Thursday, October 6, 2011

Babas on TV

These days one sees lots of TV Channels (including prime news channels) selling babas. They are well attired with impeccable designer costumes and their make up has a high recall value. The programme ratings are increasing day by day. All of them are doing similar kind of things. Telling you how your day will go today, what you should be doing or not doing and special rituals for special situations and occasions. You switch on any channel in the morning; it will either be discourses or yoga exercises.

How did it all start? In the olden days, there used to be one weekly prediction as per your star sign, in newspapers/magazines. You had your own guide in Linda Goodman’s book on star signs. People used to read it casually and move on. They knew that a particular prediction couldn’t be true for millions of people worldwide with the same star sign. Life is not that easy. It was easy to ignore then. But when it started on TV with designer babas it became hard to ignore as they were physically there in your living rooms with threats on what all can go wrong if you don’t follow things!

You scratch any life/home a little and you will find some kind of a problem. It could be financial (perennial); health; relationship; career; marriage related or level of happiness. I repeat, each person in this world has one or more of these problems. That’s how God has created the world and we are supposed to fight our battles each day and move on. But, we always think that we are the only sufferers and this will have its remedy with someone who understands God better than us. So, instead of looking at statistics of the number of people with the same problem around the world for consolation and bringing in positivity in our attitude, we turn to these babas who are exploiting such situations in general. When they talk of a problem in specific, they make a killing. We think, the babas know everything and we must listen and do accordingly. Moreover, the babas have started taking live calls also to solve problems and give appointments for treatment. Most of us don’t know that mostly all TV programmes are scripted and are set up. Gullible public get entrapped easily.

Why are the powerful still facing problems with all their god men around them? Why does the ruler still lose power when he had done things as per Vastu, performed all rituals and that too on auspicious dates? Why do we die when we know everything God wants us to do and we have done it? How come a ritual performed by a Hindu is different than done by a Christian or Muslim for the same God (we all know God is one). Who will decide which ritual has made God happy? Is he happy with a Christian girl wearing a white dress on her wedding day or a Hindu girl wearing a white saree on the day when her husband dies? Who is correct? Only if people can see their follies in these arguments and start living life in a meaningful fashion.

It’s not God’s business to scare you. He has not sent you on the earth to waste your time on rituals. You have to understand him and pray for the purity of your soul and thought process. You will see God in every fellow human being and if you can help one person in a day, your job is done. God is happy with you. Stop getting blackmailed by these babas. Read scriptures (all religions) and understand God the right way. Make your own set of values and follow it. You will see God in many people around you. God comes in many faces and we should have that power in us to recognize him. This power can come only with true knowledge. Stop looking for shortcuts for your problems. They will come and go; you will decide to accept them, confront it, solve it and move on. New problems will keep coming; the route to solve them will be the same. The key is to accept them. Half the job is done, rest half can be solved by asking yourself ‘what next’ all the time and taking that one step at a time. So simple. Once we have conquered ourselves, we will see no need to look at any baba on any channel.

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