Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Misuse of Technology – Mobile Phones

You won’t find a single youth without a mobile phone today. I will be focusing on youth only in this blog. It’s not out of need/necessity but absolutely under peer pressure. Everyone has it, so would I. And that too the latest smart phone. They discuss the features like the Rin Soap ad – teri kameez bhala meri kameez se safed kaisi (how is your shirt whiter than mine?) similarly, my phone has to be a better one.

As I said at the outset, if need is discussed than not more than 2% of the youth today would ever qualify to keep a mobile. Other reasons, which will be presented as serious, even by some parents, would be frivolous. They carry it to classes/work. They are messaging/chatting/playing games/watching videos while the lectures are on/on their work desk. What are they learning/delivering? The moment any message/mail comes they leave any job they are doing and attend to that and reply instantly. They convey to the world at large that they are absolutely useless and always available by giving those instant replies.

With the current trend of messaging and chatting they are forgetting basic grammar and usage of punctuation marks at places most needed. They start writing the same way at work too. They are with a mobile everywhere like a drug addict. You take it away from them and they start showing all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. They sleep with it after spending the entire night chatting and exchanging messages. They sleep at a time which is called Brahma Muhurat (or time for saints to get up and start praying). As they sleep late, they get up late in the morning. The first thing they do is to catch up with the piled up messages; reply to the most nonsense ones and then move to do morning chores! No need and time for morning walks/jogs and reading newspapers or even catching up on some general knowledge on the TV. Time to run to the college/work place. On the way, on their phones, they organize their trip and work. Most of the youth walk/travel with a mobile on their ears. I need to question the service providers – why incoming has been made free? Charge it and half the problems, especially with girls, will get resolved.

The microwaves (mobile technology) are going to roast their eardrums and nerves going to the brain. Whole list of lifestyle diseases are going to affect them if they are not going to become disciplined with their bodies and body cycles. IQs are already down with over dependency on this gadget. Their social standing has taken a severe beating as they know only the virtual world. They have no time to read books; sit in family gatherings and do some creative writing/work. Their world is Google, cut, copy, paste.

Finally, with mobile phones youth of today have stopped respecting others. They call at any time/hour. The receiver has to be available all the time. They will fiddle with their phones while talking to you, they won’t make eye contacts, will get up and start talking on phone leaving your conversation in middle of nowhere. In short, no mobile etiquettes.

What’s the solution? Alas, it’s like cancer; bear with it till you survive. One entire generation is going to be lost before people realize their folly.

Anubhuti Matta

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