Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dream BIG

Dream is the beginning, success is the end. History is proof that all great men have been great visionaries and their ability to dream big has taken them places far and high. A wise man had once said “Every great king was once a crying baby, and every colossal building was once only a blueprint. It is not where you are today, but where you can be tomorrow that is important”. Just like a minor spark can trigger a major conflagration, likewise one has to begin with just an idea, a vision and work on that to reach the zenith of success. It is important to be ambitious, to want to conquer the world, to have that drive which makes you lust for the top, but the hunger for success should not take away your ability to think and dream.

Life is not all rainbows and butterflies, both success and failure are part and parcel of this convoluted maze that is life. But the key lies in keeping our heads down when we succeed, and keeping our spirits high when we fail. Whatever setbacks we may face, we should never let our dreams die, because dreams hold the power to trigger a passion in us that'd help us scale the heights we've only dreamt of. Whatever hindrances may block our path, we must learn to overcome them and not let the fear of failure stop us from dreaming. Because when we stop dreaming, we lose that streak of brilliance that guides us to our goal. We lose that spark that makes us want to achieve the target we have set ourselves. We lose the vision that is the true essence of the whole deal, that sets us apart in a crowd, that makes us unique.

It is one thing to be at the top, it is another to follow your dreams and reach there. You may be at the top, have the world at your feet, have the power to make and break lives, and in spite of it all, you might be lonely; because when you look back, you realize you've left your friends far behind while you were busy running in the race to the top. But when you aspire to reach your goals, sure you see ups and downs, but you have your friends to see you through it all. That is the power of dreaming, of visualising. It helps you be futuristic but realistic. It helps you outline your strengths and fight your weaknesses. It shows you the importance of friends and how much they shape your life.

So, Dream. Dream because your dreams shall take you where you've always wanted to go. Dream because your dreams will take you to the heights you've always wanted to scale. Dream because your dreams will help you translate them into reality. Dream because your dreams will give birth to ambition. Dream because dreaming is a force. Dream big, because that is the beginning, and that is where you always wanted to go.

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