Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heading Home

As I walked out of the gates of Sophia College on the last day of this semester, the only thing going in my mind was will I get place to sit in the train at this peak hour, I was tired. When I stepped out of the gates of the college, I was greeted by tall buildings, multicoloured buildings, and many college students mingling with each other. I watched the hawkers, the shopkeepers living their lives in their everyday life. There were many enjoyable shopping trips on the way to the station. My friends and I were talking, discussing about how will study for our University exams, how we will finish our projects and finally we were at the station. As my friends and I struggled to get into the moving crowded train, though we were tired we were happy we made it and then realised that we were the only ones laughing and giggling in that crowded train. I searched for a seat but they were all occupied. By that time I was starving and the smell of sandwich which the ladies in my compartment were exchanging was killing me.

I stood at the door looking at nothing in particular was just glancing over, thinking how people lived in such a pathetic condition. I could see traits of poverty everywhere. There were small children searching for food in the garbage, people shatting on the railway tracks. Slums were broken up; small kids were fighting to sit in front of the fire to warm their bodies. Out of the blue, drawing back my attention I observed Diwali lamps and Christmas bells, I was amazed to see few houses lighted up with colourful hangings, it brought a sense of homeliness, togetherness among them. It was getting cold outside, I decided to come inside. My friends and I started talking in general, once again doing our best job giggling and talking. The train was getting crowded and crowded.

Finally after forty-five minutes of standing in the crowded train I heard the announcement “next station Goregoan station!”I was happy... finally it was there, I pushed myself out in the crowd who was getting off at Goregoan station. I walked to the auto-wallas but these guys are so rude and arrogant, no one was ready to come to Gokuldham. I was tired but there was no other option and I decided to walk home from the station. It was getting dark and cold. I looked around for any auto as I walked the busy streets of my area. The over crowded streets lacked organisation because of narrow lanes and hawkers sitting everywhere. It was getting very cold each time the cold wind touched my body I could feel my overstressed body. I continued walking aimlessly with no hopes of getting auto. I could sense, yet could not see my building ... it seemed far while it was just ten steps ahead. I finally dragged my foot and stepped into my gate. Finally I was in my building where I saw small kids playing, singing and dancing. I walked home like a lifeless zombie, I knocked the door and rushed back to my room threw all the stuff I had and fell on my bed not paying attention on any of the questions my mother wanted me to answer.


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