Thursday, October 6, 2011

Force or Phuss?

Amidst all assignment deadlines and Haqquani network discussions I badly needed a high dose of mindless entertainment. Thats when I decided to go for Force (my bad, why? you’ll know soon). The movie is once again a remake of a tamil film- Khakka Khakka starring Suriya. This one being directed by Nishikant Kamat who has only delivered hits like Mumbai Meri Jaan and Dombivili Fast in the past had given me enough reason to go watch the film.

The film begins with John Abraham as a drug peddler, bashing up a few drug dealers for not paying him the amount he wants. John’s muscles look extremely bulky and double the size of what they have been in his other films. He surely manages to look, not dashing but scary with his piercings, black tattoo all over the arm and huge ankle length black boots (the Salman Khan Bodyguard type). We also get to see Genelia the female lead, in the introductory song Main Challi. She is the cute, vivacious bubbly girl next door, she wakes up every morning with a broooooad smile on her face (unlike most of us), she perfectly puts her feet in the right pair of bedroom shoes even without looking at them (because she is busy smiling, marveling at the sound of birds twittering). As soon as she enters the bathroom, she splashes a lot of water on her face, looks in the mirror and again starts smiling (like a nutcase). She buys flowers from the street children because she cannot bear to see them on the streets going from car to car trying to earn a living. Getting back to apna John Abraham who by now has convinced the audience as well as Genelia uff Maya that he is a scary drug peddler. We are in for a surprise to find out at the end of a gangster encounter that John is actually an officer at the narcotics drug bureau. He is not Francis the drug peddler but ACP Yashwardhan a former IPS officer with the Police and now an officer with the narcotics drug bureau having a unit consisting of three competent officers. Just like all other cops in all other films he knows nothing else but his work.

When Maya comes to know of Yashwardhan’s real identity in the film she goes gaga over him. She then goes behind him throwing her charm on him, trying to impress him bla bla. John falls for her after a lot of reluctance and they are together. We are then introduced to the main villain of the film Vidyut Jamval uff Vishnu. He manages to come back from Kenya unscathed after bashing up a battalion of really scary African gundas who had chained him there. Vishnu is again a dhasu fighter like John and yes he always knows how to get what he wants by hook or crook, he is in other words an ANIMAL.

The second half of the film is filled with extreme violence (not action). Vishnu is out to avenge his brother’s death and come what may he is going to kill all four officers responsible. In this fierce battle between the good and the bad John ends up losing out on a lot of people. He is forced to face situations that he dreads in the beginning.

The climax (by when I had wanted to run away from the theatre for the nth time) is power packed. Yashwardhan and Vishnu are out there shirtless (flaunting their mehnat in the gym). The two are fighting mooke pe mooka, John giving maximum punches (you see, all his khunus is coming out now). The fighting is happening in some morgue with blood everywhere (I’m sure after seeing this scene you will wonder how much blood a human body loose). So yes ACP Yashwardhan hits Vishnu the ANIMAL with fuuull FORCE and Vishnu dies.

John Abraham has improved considerably in terms of acting. He has come a long way from having no expressions at all in emotional scenes to actually giving convincing performances. Genelia has done this role for the millionth time (a couple of times in tamil films and now in hindi). Vidyut Jamval has again given an impressive performance. In terms of screenplay the plot of the film is very predictable.

The music of the film has been done by Harris Jayaraj (Rehna hai tere Dil Mein). The song Khwabon Khwabon which is a complete copy of uyrin uryin from Khakka Khakka is a high energy number. The video of the song looks brilliant; the fusion of classical and contemporary dance in the background is a great add on. Main challi is another catchy track, my personal favourite in the album. Dil ki Tamanna is a romantic track worth a mention.
Though the climax fight scene gets a thumbs up, action scenes in the film could have been better.

On the whole is the movie Force or Phuss, personally it’s a phuss for someone who believes films are meant to be entertaining not depressing.

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