Thursday, October 6, 2011

The frog chronicles

I met this frog the other day, his name was Jim, the first thing I said to him was “hey!! Jim? like Jim Morrison?!!” OK maybe not the first thing but one of the first things. To that he replied you never know i might be a reincarnation. So I turned to him and said so if i kiss you will u turn into my prince, he of course the frog that he is made a disgusted face, “no offence but you’re species scare me !“ he said.

Whoever wrote the story about the frog prince was extremely wrong.

So like i was saying Jim and I had a pretty interesting conversation. Which basically involved me talking a lot and him occasionally sticking his tongue out and pretending to catch imaginary flies.I'm telling you these frogs are liars.They claim to be the experts at catching flies,sadly they're not. I watched Jim miss a million times.I finally got so fed up that i actually caught him a fly and handed it to,someone who’s hand – eye co-ordination is ZERO!Just ask my football coach who has never made me goal keeper ever since he realised.

I watched in amusement as that blind frog ate the fly happily..and even let out a "rrrrrbttt" which sounded like a burp to me.

I just sat there on the stone near the pond staring into the crystal clear water watching the water ripple with the wind.i turned to Jim and i ask him" you know sometimes I feel so confused"

He replied " yeah I kind of figured that out on my own"

"No i mean like about the decisions I've made."

"Why do you want to dwell in past?" he asked.

"I'm not dwelling ,what I thought I wanted and what I want now confuse me."

"okay so listen to me sweetheart,It's the present that matters,everything that's surrounding you now. You have the power to control it. That's why it's the present.Grasp it.What are you surrounded by now ? What do you have? What can you do with it? its all on you dahlin' ,u create your own problems,grief,pain,anxiety,it's all YOU!Watch the world around you change once u know you can control it" said Jim

WOW! Who knew, a frog named Jim would make more sense to me than a human being.

So I stared at Jim,my mouth open he smiled at me at least I assumed it was a smile and then went back to attempting to catch the flies.

I wonder if i'll ever see Jim again.We spoke for hours that day about everything.Things i'd never ever talked about before.I have gone to the pond a few times calling out to Jim but my attempts were all a failure.

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