Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mothers can never be friends

Mothers can never be friends! Yes that is an assertive statement without any questioning and introspection.I'm like what 20 years but my mother still thinks I'm in High school. They will want you to be frank with them and tell them everything. But is that really possible? Their sent ism and constant worry will freak you out at times when you need to be comforted. And when they figure out that your hiding something, the drama begins. I get to hear stuff like "You don't need your parents anymore" and "You have lost your head, your on the wrong path" and also "Because of you the name and honor of the family is going to go down the drains" AND THE LIST GOES ON. There are times when the situation gets even freakier than this.
In my house strangely my mother who is in her 40s is more romantic than I am (have mentioned my age on the top). She loves watching those really senti romantic scenes in films and serials and I would enter the room at such times and say something nasty about how illogical and stupid the scene is and spoil the fun (I love doing that). And then she would start off like a 16 year old would, "Your such a bore, you don't behave like other normal girls, why can't you let me enjoy the film?"and I would tell her "Mummy I'm out of high school, puhleez give me a break"
Just a few days ago a crazy episode happened. I was upset regarding something and it was very much visible on my face. My mother tried real hard to find out what had gone and I refused to tell her. After a lot of persuasion when I continued to keep mum, she threw a bomb. She was like, "If it is not a guy problem... Oh My God!!! Are you turning into a lesbian?". Surprisingly that comment made me laugh so hard, I actually got distracted :) but poor mummy was restless for a very longtime thinking that I'm actually turning into a homosexual.
Another problematic topic that she loves to talk about is marriage. Yes that's right Marriage!!! If I give her a go ahead right now, I'm so sure within the next 3 months she would get me tied to some stupid mallu muchad businessman abroad (yes its a very scary thought for me).
But everything said and done I'm aware of the fact that whatever she does is because she is worried for her unusually crazy daughter. That sense of insecurity that I have grown up and I can think for myself must be difficult to handle for her who has held my hand taught me how to write. I do try to understand her point of view as well but even I'm just 20 right? So yes mothers can never be friends and I guess that's the way it should be and I don't think that's going to change even when I turn 40.

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