Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It takes a lot to be on top

If someone asked me to “describe what India is today according to you”, the first thing that would come to my mind is the corruption; it’s wrongly chosen political leaders, bad roads, unhygienic conditions, a country where politicians make money at the drop of a hat, Baba Ramdev jumping off a stage trying to escape the police, hunger strikes in order to implement a bill for corruption, a victim of terrorism, steady decline in the number of female feticides, the countless number of rapes etc are just a few of the innumerable problems. For me in today’s times this is the exact picture of India that I have in my mind. Post Independence India emerged strong and coped with its problems. India to an extent recuperated and today it proudly is one of the world’s largest run democracies. But with the rise in its position worldwide India is also one of the most corrupt countries.
Corruption prevails because people choose to seek wrong methods to solve a problem. Corruption exists at all levels of society, the politicians, the public and the media. So what exactly is corruption? It is the misuse of power, or the breaking of certain norms that a country follows. It is when these norms are broken that we say our society is getting corrupted or that we are falling prey to corruption.
Corruption has been at its peak in the last one year, with scams after scams being brought to light. It is shocking that people who are elected as leaders end up being robbers.
It is not here that corruption prevails. There has been a rise in the number of deaths of female feticides in the last couple of years. The reason for these deaths-the doctors. They perform the procedures that involve the killing of female feticides. Figures indicate that there are 915 girls per 1,000 boys, this ratio is alarming. The doctors have been bribed into the killing of female feticides.
How many of us have not bribed an official or a person in authority? It happens in colleges, schools and police stations.  aAt some point in our lives each of us has had a first or a second had experience with corruption. At some point each of us has initiated corruption. Corruption is a euphemism for getting the easy way out. But corruption is just one of the many problems.
Where on one hand Anna Hazare continues his relentless struggle against corruption, there are people who are dying daily because of lack of proper nourishment, hygiene-all due to poverty. In spite of there being a strong economic growth India is one of the countries that has the poorest population.
The least amount of money is given for the health sector in India, which in turn makes the availability of medication for the poor difficult.
Some might term India as a super power in the making but no should ignore the intricacies that go into making a nation a developed one. In my opinion India has a lot to work on before it can be termed as a developed country, as development not only comes from economic stability but also a citizen’s right to basic needs and a healthy environment and democracy. 

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