Thursday, October 6, 2011

He's our Family Guy!

Family Guy is one animated sitcom that stands true to its belief that nothing is sacred anymore.
This show manages to desensitize a nation into laughing about the pains of reality.Not just directly offending a victim of the situation but also promoting its disregard.Family is no stranger to racial jokes as well,but then again so is South Park.
The show is centered around the quintessential American family that consists of the stereotype obese father with no dreams or brains,the dominating mother clad in trousers and short hair and not to forget the nasal voice.Then there is the obese blond son who does nothing but laze around the house due to his lack of self confidence or motivation of any form and also the fact that he has no friends,his sister Megan is your typical feminist free-thinking glasses wearing under stated 'smarty pants' who is picked on by the adults all the time because her brain makes her different.Lisa Simpson's soul sister maybe?Then there is the star of the show Stewie who plays a creepy baby with a British accent and extremely R rated perverted thoughts and Brian the talking Casanova dog who everyone in the family seems to fall in love with.There have no qualms with inter species mingling.
Why is this show a hit? Because like South Park the every episode trashes certain aspects of the world we live in,mostly in the American context.
Little do people realise that with shows like these empathy is lost.Paralyzed men are made a joke,what if someone who couldn't walk either was watching it would he really laugh looking at an animated version of himself being mocked for his misfortune?
The only plus point is that shows like these grab democracy by the b**** and literally squeeze it dry for all its worth,taking the freedom of speech angle way too seriously.
Why am I not a fan,when the whole world is raving about its genius?Because I am not a fan of anything that works at extinguishing the little bit of humanity I have left in me.
Satire is funny,but not in lethal doses.
The good thing is that sitcoms like these also show you the lighter side of life,that reality can be funny if you make it.

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