Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Religion on Road

During this quarter of the year our trading with God reaches its peak. Whether it is Ganpati Puja or later Durga Puja; everyone wants to prove that they are more religious and devoted than the others. Big pandals are on the road; the festivities go on endlessly without any time or decibel limits and the worst is reserved for the visarjan day.

I am not an atheist. I believe in God. My relationship with him is absolutely private and it doesn’t include any middleman. We communicate directly. I won’t ever allow it to go public or issue an IPO where any/everyone can invest and participate in the business! My way of doing business gives me an infinite rate of return.

Religion is very popular amongst the very poor and the very rich. Both, are insecure all the time. One: for he may lose everything and one: to get something anyhow. The middle class remains in the middle. So, the very rich invests in conducting the religious road shows and the very poor executes it. You must have noticed that on the visarjan day most people in the front dancing and playing drums etc, belong to this class and are drunk too. As said earlier, the time limit of 10 PM is not adhered to; the drums are played very loud beating all decency levels of noise pollution. Students cannot study even if they have an exam the next day; patients have restless nights; emergency patients cannot reach hospitals; people miss their flights and trains – all because the roads, meant for commuters, are blocked by religion on road. Who can justify this? Will God be happy? Not at all. God has not asked anyone to discomfort anybody in his name.

Religion is a big business in India and everyone is aware of it. A lot of people have to make money for the entire year during this quarter. All businesses prosper in this period. People have to give donations, sometimes it is extracted through force also. Government and private employers give bonus during this season only; people are cash rich and purchasing power is at peak. So all MBAs with their combined accumulated marketing experience try to market God at its very premium and common souls falls for it.

We need to educate people in the right ways. Why does the college curriculum not talk about this? Why is religion and ritual made synonymous? Why don’t the educated youth stand up and tell their parents that whatever has been happening so far was wrong ( I only mean the religion on road and rituals) and now they want to change this? If they can do so in fashion, career and every other field then why not in the business of religion? Why can’t they confront the social feudal lords and come out as a winner.

I am ready to do my bit. I decide I won’t be a part of it or contribute in any manner. Will try to dissuade as many people as possible to stay away and tell them the right way to communicate with God. I won’t fall for the marketing gimmicks during this quarter and invest my money for a good return!

Anubhuti Matta

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