Thursday, October 6, 2011

Punjabi boys... How you like them now?

Palak Singh

Sardars may not the smartest people around. That’s probably has something to do with their upbringing of a grounded, self-sufficient and honest life. However, they pack a punch if you mess with them. Be sure to get a taste of their warrior streak that has been passed on from generations.

In my recent visits to Punjab, I realized that the cultural ethnicity of Punjab is gradually getting a Western twist. Young men have a major role to play in it. They could be termed as desirable by many women because of their strong personality and gorgeous looks. What about their behavior?

With big ambitions and spoilt-silly by parents’ upbringing, they aspire to settle abroad in countries like United Kingdom, America or Canada. So turbans are being replaced with spiked short hair and a clean shave look. Branded clothes and shoes are a must.

Those who are not grinding in medical and engineering colleges in Chandigarh, roam around in flashy cars bursting with loud music. If you’re a girl returning from college or tuition classes, riding a scooty on chaotic roads, be sure to have at least two cars and three bikes following you wherever you. Most of the times they are harmless but some of them are plain nasty.

You will never find a woman wearing a gold chain or earrings walking on the streets of small cities; the reason being innumerable amount of chain-snatchers in Punjab. They couldn’t care less if the woman is old or young, trips or bleed, they are adamant of robbing your belongings while swifting by on a Bullet. The driving force behind this is their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Opium from Kashmir being on top of their list. Someone has to pay for it, so why not the ‘bibiji’ living across the field?

Punjabi music also greatly influences their behavior. In the past, there used to be a selected few who would sing about their love for fertile land, parents’ devotion and childhood crushes. Nowadays, the industry is going crazy with five new artists on the horizon every day. Rap and techno beats are replacing traditional tunes and rhythms. What’s worse is the content of such songs which consists of situations where boys get into random fights because of a girl, showing off weapons and alcohol.

Trying of ape the Blacks when it comes to rapping lyrics is ironic. They suffered years of oppression and rapping is their outlet to vent out agitation. What are Punjabi boys so agitated about? Having nothing constructive to do?

Girls on the other hand are a fragile lot. They also fancy branded things but remain constrained to their circle of girlfriends. Reputation plays huge factor in their society. If a girl is caught getting cozy with a boy, her entire family is put to shame. So they move with caution and stick to slight flirting online on Facebook where parents have little or no access.

Don’t lose heart women, not all Punjabi boys are spoilt and sleazy. There are some who are chivalrous, sober, and humble. Then again, who am I kidding? It’s in their blood to say things such as, “Singh is King”. Bruaahhhhh! 

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