Friday, September 30, 2011

A Train Journey…

I see my destination coming slowly untoward me...the only path available...a track that leads me to one way and one way alone. The music my companion sings with clarity…voicing my thoughts without me voicing them myself. The question I want the track to lead me to where I'm going…or am I just following as it pulls me towards its direction. Is that why I chose the slow pathway rather than the fast track? Is that why I still ponder where my impulsiveness leads me? Is that why I see an individual seat herself on a broken seat while that was my source of comfort and relaxation. Am I stringing sentences for the hope of finding my way...or am I looking for recluse in the inner thoughts of these words? Looks like my destination will answer it all…answer the questions which were never asked. I see her getting off the train…leaving her child behind, leaving a part of her in the care of a hundred strangers. The child screams and bursts into tears as she realizes that she is now alone against the world. The frenzy of a compartment full of women try their soothing voices. Strange…the voices tell her to stop her crying if she wants her mother back. I try to push myself through, try to hold her and take her into my wing. Reassure her that her mother will be found, she will be safe in her arms…at this moment I try to reassure myself too. The train halts, she’s taken off. I stand as a silent spectator not wanting to add to her panic. I can’t get myself to leave. A train arrives on the next platform, I stand with bated breath hoping I can see her mother’s face. Surely, there she is…face streaming with tears, regretful, frightened, and grateful, all emotions washing over her and her child at once, reunion set upon them. I begin to breathe again…this time walking away…with tears streaming down my face.

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