Monday, September 26, 2011

SMS is more in demand!

A recent survey, actually among the people I know reveals that given an option between wishing a friend over a call or a sms, more than, more than 65% of youngsters will use their cell to message rather than to dial a number. It seems that today we are relying on technology to stay connected and now with the increase in the usage of smart phones and always on –messaging application. Teenager on an average sends more than 3,330 messages every month. The blame for this reversal of fortunes is being put squarely on the shoulders of the rise of smart phones and the instant messaging app available on them. Services such as blackberry messenger and a free messaging system from Whatsapp are soon to be joined by google and iphone apps for the users of android smart phones. These all allow people to message heir contacts back and forth without needing to actually send an sms- text.

Youngsters prefer texting as it gives time to think about what is it that you want to say. Over sms you have the option of being what you are. Smsing is a far attractive option for those who are not confident about expressing themselves verbally. Smsing avoids creating a scene. Many people who are uncomfortable talking about can express their thoughts by messaging.

Last but not the least smsing is cheaper, quick and easy form of communication for those who do keep an eye on their bills, smsing does prove to be more economical. If you are a college student you cannot run on huge bills, thus, we prefer sms rather than make calls- said all my friends.

The text messaging is now the number one reason, while keeping in touch with friends and family. The big question for me is whether popularity of textin means that the art of conversation is dying as it is very hard to have a deep and meaningful chat via text messages.


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