Sunday, September 4, 2011

Being Technologically Tarnished

They say you can connect with people around the world from your lap, but are you aware of the amount of fat that is getting deposited on your buttocks in the process? Communication is getting increasingly technologically driven. While this feeds the soul of many anxious people, I like to remain old-fashioned.

How often do you find yourself aimlessly surfing through Facebook trying to dish some dirt out of people you know or want to know? C’mon we all are guilty of doing that. Who knew Facebook could connect you to people around the world and those who you haven’t seen in ages. It’s freakishly addictive.

If you are one of those who upload your partying pictures the next day, while recovering from a hangover, join a board.

For all those single ladies out there, it’s possibly a ray of light when it comes to socializing with a variety of guys from the comfort of your home. For the guys, they are probably thinking, “Why is every girl making that duck face and throwing peace signs everywhere?”

Facebook is making the guys lazy. Nowadays the maximum they will do is ‘poke’ and ‘like’ one of her highly photo-shopped profile pictures. It’s a whole process you see, there are stages to it. It starts with a poke, and then comes the friend request, followed by an inbox message. That converts into an online chat conversation. And if he is not distracted by five other girls he is trying his luck on simultaneously, there is a possibility for things to graduate to another technology. Yes, cell phones. In pours the messages and possibly calls. Consider yourself absolutely obliged to ever step out to meet him. Chances are you won’t, because most of them don’t have a strong personality to hold an interesting dialogue with you long enough face to face. They would rather hide behind the, “Hey hw yu doin??” and “nm…….jus bored” messages. (How is a girl meant to find you interesting if you are perpetually bored?) Today if you get poked, nudged and pinged through technology, consider yourself attractive.

If you’re a nine-year-old girl competing to increase the number of people on your friend list while flaunting your blackberry during after-school tuition classes, my heart bleeds for you. Take care of a stray kitten or go climb a tree or something!

Another thing that gives this generation a culture shock is when parents join Facebook. Isn’t there an age limit? Well, there should be. My father is proud member of my block list and so are my distant cousins. Don’t worry they give each other company there.

For those who demonstrate their deep love with ‘wall posts’ such as, “Omg baby just four days left for our fifth week anniversary!” Firstly, anniversary is an annual event. You cannot have anniversaries based on weeks and month and secondly, call/text her. Don’t rub your mushiness on my face(book). 

I haven’t dared to step out in the world of Twitter and Blackberry Messenger. Although Twitter is a handy tool when it comes to passing on important information during desperate times such as calamities and attacks and connecting with prominent figures and celebrities, I don’t want to know how much you carve for chocolate ice-cream(it makes my hungry).

My friends practically begged me to get a blackberry cell phone so we could “stay in touch constantly”. I am sorry, I love you all but I like my privacy and I want to respect yours too. Those constant cribbing statuses from people I hardly want to know might just get the best of me someday.

Worst thing about blackberry owners is, when you are talking to them of something really important, all of a sudden they get a dying urge to check their latest BBM message and ignore your existence completely. At that time, I feel like chopping of both of their thumbs that are working so vigorously with such dedication to reply back. However I don’t. I just walk away. If this happens to you the next time, trust me, walk away.

It is high time people understood the value of being mentally and physically present while having a decent chat with you. It’s so much more personal and warm. Will those good old days ever come back? I see low network.

Palak Singh

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