Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing is kept a secret aNymOre!!

When I was young and used to look at my dad’s cell phone, I used to curse myself for being small and not old enough to carry a cell phone. I used to sneak out my dad’s cell and play with it or make calls to my friends... I used to feel my life is so incomplete without a cell phone, because most of my friends carried a cell phone and I dint ….sighhh

But now that I have a cell phone, I tell you friends it’s not at all a fun thing. Now I feel how blessed I was to not have a cell phone. Every time i look at my cell phone there is some message or some tom, dik and harry calling me and requesting me to take a loan or apply XYZ scheme, blahh!! Blah!!. There are some friend of mine calling me during my study hours or family time period. Earlier it seemed like a full proof way to live a life until the day I realized cell phones are such a pain in the butt.

Today we live in the age of technology, I feel everyone suffers from “information diarrhoea” where nothing is accessible without a phone or internet or the latest ‘BLACKBERRY MESSENGER’ people who do not have any of these above technologies are considered to be lunacs or dumb. And after the official opening of FACEBOOK, nothing is kept a secret; nothing private or withheld in fact everything is a matter of public record. What you say or do is all to be liked or commented and also expected to be remembered till eternity. Though facebook helps coming across new friends and also our lost old friends but instead of staying in touch on facebook one can always stay in touch through messages and phone calls to give a more personal touch to it. Facebook has become like an addiction to kids. They spend their valuable time sitting with computer instead of reading books or going downstairs to play with friends. Now the weird thing about facebook is the rate at which they allow people to change their status messages. I say it should be restricted to around three times in a day or so, why do people think others are interesting in knowing about their personal lives, in some years this is going to be a BIG problem.

Twitter is one more social networking site where your 140 characters are seen by billions of people. People have gone crazy now-a-days they post any rubbish-shit. Recently I encountered a post of someone saying, ‘the loo here stinks’, ohh and more, ‘I just sneezed’ that’s so awful. Who on earth would want to know if you are in a stinky loo, or you are unwell...gosh!!! People will definitely go bonkers reading that…… or wait they won’t because now-a-days everyone is posting something like this. They disclose their personal life on social networking sites as if the live on these sites or should I say they LIVE for these sites. Adding to these problems is the friend suggestion section, even we press the ignore button 100times in a day, facebook will still keep haunting us until we add that...uhmm well that is not important.

Using these sites is nothing wrong but one should need to use them in right manner. A whole day chatting will harm you physically and mentally. Choose your priorities. One must adhere to their discipline and self control then nothing in this world will be a laugh on someone’s face.

As I conclude I would say ‘HELLO’ to all the strangers who will read this and may definitely go and post something about me on your social networking sites, so I want to tell you all; think before you do things, don’t make this sites eat up your precious time because a day will come when texting, posting will make no difference in your life but where you stand, what you did in your life will build your future.


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