Monday, August 15, 2011


London is burning….the thick clouds of smoke is rising across the London skyline.

The violence was spread on 8th August, 2011,Monday night outside London, with severe outbreaks of violence, but the scale of events in the British capital was unprecedented, and utterly overwhelmed the city’s police. The city plays host to the Olympic Games and the fire has higher dark dreads for the city’s security.

There was one inspirational statement that Prime Minister David Cameron said "Its criminality, pure and simple" it has to be confronted and defeated….People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets.”

This is the most extensive rioting Londoners have seen in a generation, surpassing the scope of the huge race riots that paralyzed the city in the 1980s, with scores of fires and fights spreading over .An unpredictable and seemingly random set of mass crime explosions – but also the least comprehensible.

These are neither race riots nor political riots: It began with a small protest but quickly became a much wider and less purposeful explosion of youth criminality. No message, no motive, no cause, no slogan is found behind this riot.

Why these subjugated youth so explosively made their presence known in such a devastatingly violent way, and how this will all end, is not yet understood. But it puts a dark punctuation mark on what had, been London’s brightest modern era.

The horrifying pictures, videos of the London riots and the situation of London reminds nothing but love, patience, forgiveness and calmness that can cure the ills of this increasingly globalised and urbanised world where more and more ethnically and racially opposite individuals are sharing the civic space.

The riots are surprisingly exposing the flaws in England's policing system. The widespread riots actually is a manifestation of the anger among the nation's unemployed lower middle class over the deep socio-economic inequalities.

The riots have certainly smeared the image of the London city and have aroused to be a real body setback to the venue of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Hats off to London police force who have brilliantly controlled the worst riots in the country's recent history without using brute force involving human losses.

If compared, our police force is ill-equipped to tackle law and order issues and civilian troubles. Police brutality sometimes stops from the pride of those in power who cannot take opposition as a part of democratic ideal.

Crime is a complex phenomenon. Is there a systemic problem and a simple solution? Would cracking down on welfare payments help, or would widening them? Would reducing the gap between the rich and poor? Would financially supporting marriage, reducing immigration, cutting taxes, increasing taxes, cutting spending, increasing spending? Mandatory minimums or social rehabilitation? Education and support, or threat and punishment?

Why has there to be riots, terror, conflicts? Is there no love and humanity left out? Why the innocent have to sacrifice their life? This situation is not only in the City of London but it’s all over the globe and some action should be taken to live a peaceful life.


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