Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crime Rate Increasing In India

Rape cases have long attracted debate for their low conviction rates, and questions over how the police and prosecutors deal with victims and bring cases through the courts. One of the most serious problems remains the initial handling of rape complaints by the police. It is probable that out of the rape cases we come across everyday happening in one or the other city the cases do not proceed beyond the investigation stage. Punishment for the rape attempters should be not only excessive but also in way that no one can dare easily because it is like a charge of murder. We are a moral society living in democratic country and still creeping towards immorality. I believe in “nabbing the evil from the bud.” If we want our mother and sister to be safe we have to get hold on the collars of the wrathful men of the society. If the law isn't working we should appeal to change it. The constitution is for the people, people are not for constitution.

The government starts pointing one party to other but the question arises “will there be any security for we women? “The number of rape cases is growing day by day. Do these rape attempters don’t have heart? “Recently we have come across so many rape attempts done on minors. The height of cruelty has gone to such an extent that on a girl was molested and blinded.

And with respect to the same case two more cases are mentioned bringing to light of readers that there are so many crimes taking place in our country and the government is still blindfolded.

Where does government vanish when these cases are required to be sorted and the criminals need to be hanged? Why the local police people can’t help the victims? Why is there a need for CBI to enter into these matters? Are the police sold in the hands of the government and ministers? Will ever the time of Kiran Bedi come back? And will we be able to fly like a free bird in this independent country. Why has the performance of government gone so low? There are thousands of hearts and soul broken into pieces upon number of rape cases taking place.

We need our leaders /politicians /Government to highlight this on a top banner and announce a very Incredible and horrifying punishment to such cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!

The time has passed for leaders in this country to assign women the exact same protections and status as any man. However, many of our leaders are no different than sexual predators for putting savage rapists at ease and forcing women to prove they are victims instead of “accusers.”

Revenge is not a sufficient justification for invoking a system of capital punishment, with all its accompanying problems and risks. Our laws and criminal justice system should lead us to higher principles that demonstrate a complete respect for life. We women need to fly with a fresh breeze and clean surroundings around and with no fright in our hearts …where children/teenagers will be freely going to schools and colleges and offices …and the infants will be saved with their lives and horrifying death…We women are not weak and need the support of our country to fight against the rapist and we need our government to give them the true punishment.

Give us the HOPE…..Give us a NEW LIFE….Give us a TRUE JUSTICE.

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