Monday, July 18, 2011

Gaia,The bomb and I

I stood there, the road was deserted,
the streets were wet with tears the skies had cried,
Faint lights glistened against the surface of the uneven, worn-down road;
the only brightness in the gloomy grey.
i stared as the world pulled me close, the streets magnetic force pulling me into the depths of darkness.
I sat down and ran my fingers against the uneven surface of the wet floor.
I closed my eyes, feeling each bump, each rift, each crack against my skin.
I could almost feel the blood that had seeped into the cracks so many times.
I was wet i didn't care.
I was drenched in tears that the world had cried.
I was drenched in my own.
together our tears had united.
at this moment, when we were both at our lowest, we became one.
she had been damaged by civilization,
I had been damaged by humans.
she had lost love,
so had I.
she was exhausted,
I was tired.
but she still held my hand,
she still kissed my soul,
she gave me love and asked for nothing in return.
I cried that night with her,
we wept together.
she held me close,
I told her my secrets.
I told her about how human beings had let me down,
she told me, how her babies, her children had let her down.
I told her how my heart was trampled on,
she told me how her heart was burning black, turning to ashes.
I told her how i didn't think i could trust again,
she told me to trust in her.
she held me close that night,
I let myself go.
I gave her all of me,
she held me tight,
and as she held my soul
I held hers back and promised,
promised, to be the bright lights on the road.
promised, to be the sun after the storm.
promised, to love, give love, combat hate with love and not expect any in return.
love given is love got.
she told me she would always hold me close,
I promised to never forget,
she told me to believe,
I promised to never lose faith,
she dusted her knees, wiped my tears,
I smiled and took my first step,
finally i felt alive and i knew what i needed to do.
life is all about the connections
I have to let myself connect
and love always.

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