Monday, February 27, 2012

crimes against women in Afghanistanfghanistan

Afghanistan and its laws have been known for suppression of women. Violence against women is not only common in this nation, India and other countries are also known for it. In most countries, women are the weaker sex and nations that follow the patriarchal society norms lead to oppression of women to an extent of torture. Recently, the country was in news due to the Sahar Gul case. The country sent shockwaves across the world with this news.
Sahar Gul, a 15 year old married girl was rescued from her in-laws house in the northern Bhagian province in December 2011. The girl was in a critical condition for over a month. Later when she was interviewed, she said that her husband and his family tortured her as she refused to work as a prostitute. Her in-laws gave her electric shocks and more over pulled out her hair and ripped off her fingernails. She was brutally beaten with cable wires and was barely given food and water. What was more shocking was that the teenager was stubbed all over her body with cigarettes and chunks of her flesh were cut out with pliers. This young girl suffering both physically and mentally has become a bruised face of women’s rights in Afghanistan.
One of the other shocking incidents which come under crimes against women in Afghanistan is of Gulnaz. She filed a case against a man who raped her and was imprisoned for adultery. She was later forced to marry the man who raped her so that the society doesn’t look down upon her family.
Instances of violence against women still persist till date and the women’s committee in Afghanistan is now helping women in such conditions to fight for justice denied to them.

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